About Us

April 1998



Established in 1998, the Diplomatic Club has since then been working tirelessly to provide to its members ever improving services. From easing the integration into Israeli society of foreign diplomatic staff send to Israel to organizing various events aimed at strengthening the links between different organizations and between diplomats and Israeli officials, the Diplomatic Club is an acclaimed asset to the international community in Israel.

  Its services include:

  • Providing up to date information as to the best available insurance scheme for diplomatic staff.
  • Distributing a yearly updated directory of medical staff fluent in various languages so as to eliminate the language barrier adding an unnecessary stress to the treatment of illnesses and injuries.
  • Securing numerous discounts for the Diplomatic Club’s members.
  • Creating, editing and distributing the Diplomatic Club Magazine, a high quality publication issued every two months.
  • Organizing social, sportive and political events.
  • Providing up to date daily news and a wealth of other useful information through its web-site www.diplomacy-club.com .

Open-mindedness and togetherness are the motto of the Diplomatic Club who hopes, in the near future, to spread its philosophy around the globe through its ever growing international links.