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The Diplomatic Club provides a variety of medical services for the diplomatic community.

For newly arrived diplomats and their families:

§         Unique national healthcare program + private medicine

§         Diplomatic medical coordination center

§         Arrangement of appointments with the best local doctors , hospitals and medical centers

§         Telephone consultation with the best local doctors in several languages

§         Check Ups

§         Free dental treatments of children up to the age of 12 years.

§         Discount for treatments for adults and much more.

§         Medical history in requested languages (on the end of the period) 

For holders of international insurance plans:

§         Arrangement of appointments with the best local doctors, hospitals and medical centers

§         List of internationally recognized specialists

§         Second opinion


This service was established for the diplomatic community in 1998.

We are not  an agents of insurance company.

It is medical services for diplomatic community, arranged by the government.

Under the medical services plan for foreign members, the insured are entitled to a basket of medical services corresponding to a basket known in Israel as the "health basket," as detailed in the Second Schedule to the National Health Insurance Law of 1995, with modifications to meet the needs of diplomatic community.

DC also provides additional services, as detailed below. The rights granted by virtue of the above mentioned basket of services are honored subject to government procedures and restrictions.

Below is a summary of the DC medical services offered to YOU at the clinics and institutes and/or by suppliers under contract with us:

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Primary medicine - family doctor, pediatrician and gynecologist.
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Specialist medicine - diagnosis and treatment by specialists employed by 
government or under 

contract with DC, subject to referral by a private treating physician and subject to government 
*subject to an appropriate undertaking by government to pay the bill (other than in emergencies).
Hospitalization - in public hospitals with which DC has an agreement without a waiting period, 
Emergency room - covering of expenses for referral to the emergency room, as set out in the plan's 

*of using hundreds of external/ private pharmacies.
Medicines - pharmacy services at  medical centers throughout the country, as well 
as the other option 

Emergency medical and other services

*who cannot go to the emergency center, can request a home visit by a doctor.
 Home visits - foreign members who urgently require the services of a doctor after clinic hours, and 
The service is available between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., and on Saturdays and holidays. Members are
 required to make a co-payment of NIS 135 per visit.

*emergency center or to a center under contract with DC. Members are required to make a co-payment 
 Emergency centers - in urgent cases, when clinics are closed, foreign members can go to
 the of 27 NIS.

*the event of a medical emergency, and who are then hospitalized, are entitled to reimbursement of the
 Emergency evacuation by ambulance - foreign members who are taken to hospital by ambulance
 in cost, according to Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulance service rates.

*institutes, diagnostic institutes, gastroenterology institutes and laboratories, as well as elective services
 Private laboratories and institutes - DC allows members to have tests conducted at imaging 
as detailed in the guide to DC services, subject to referral by  doctor and subject to 
the authorization of the branch office. Test results are available from the treating physician.

Physiotherapy - is  subject to referral by  doctor.
*medicine treatment at reduced rates, including acupuncture, shiatsu, chiropractic, homeopathy, 
Complementary medicine - DC's network of medical clinics offers members complementary 
Feldenkrais, and more, without a waiting period.

Membership fees are linked to the Consumer Price Index.
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The maximum age for joining the Foreign Members Plan is 80.
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Family membership fees - a family comprising a couple or more, regardless of the number of children, 
is entitled to a payment ceiling for the family. The price will be determined according to the age of the 
older of the two spouses insured.
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A foreign member and/or family members wishing to retain the continuity of their rights when they go 
abroad can do so by paying membership fees for the period of their stay abroad 
(which shall not exceed six months) at a rate of 50% of the regular fee.
Travel insurance can be paid additionally to the regular fees.
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Membership fees shall be paid once in 4 months 

It must be emphasized that foreign members are obligated to pay fees and charges as well as any co-payments in accordance with the plan's regulations, similar to those that apply to DC members under the National Health Insurance Law.

Additional services for foreign members

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Wheelchairs and walkers
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Mantoux tests and lung x-rays
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Vaccinations against tetanus, rabies and diphtheria
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Amniotic fluid tests for women aged 35 and above at the start of pregnancy.

Waiting periods for various eligibility's under DC

*Waiting period – consecutive number of months, as detailed in the table above, from the month that

 the customer signs up for DC until the time that the customer is eligible to utilize his/her rights under

the Regulations

No waiting period

Vaccinations and medication for travelers abroad

Dental services ( UP TO 12 YEARS OLD FREE OF CHARGE)

Complementary medicine

Sport medicine

 Visit to private pediatrician

Urgent transport in ambulance

Laser eye surgery

Optical services

Genetic testing

Nutritional consultation

3 month waiting period

Recuperation following complex surgery

Medical equipment

Hearing aids

Early discovery of birth defects in the fetus

Virtual colonoscopy

Apos therapy shoes

6 month waiting period

Medication not included in official medication basket

Psychological consultation and treatment

Additional medical opinions


Monitoring for women with high-risk pregnancies

Postpartum convalescence

Cardiology transmitter subscription and emergency services for heart patients

 Private nurse

Child development

Speech therapy

Preventive tests

Aesthetic medicine

Physical therapy following myocardial infarction

12 month waiting period (after 12 months payment of 2,2$ per day will be charged for 

travel insurance for maximum of 180 days)

Treatment/surgery at private hospitals

Complex long-term care hospitalization

Acquisition of implants

Travel insurance

24 month waiting period

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility for men and women

 Medical assistance abroad