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Established in 1998 at the request of the diplomatic community, the Diplomatic club is an exclusive club that aims at facilitating the integration of foreign diplomats in Israel and at promoting contacts between members of the diplomatic and the local community.

Today the Diplomatic Club today has over 8000 members selected from diplomatic staff, foreign press members, NGO staff and religious officials together with local representatives of ministries, governmental agencies and outstanding Israeli businesspeople.

Every two month, the Diplomatic club organizes social events: from exhibitions to fashion shows, from tennis tournaments to sightseeing tours, the Diplomatic Club offers a wide variety of activities to its members. In addition to these leisurely happenings, once or twice a year, the Diplomatic Club organizes a round table with prominent politicians in order to open a debate on hot topics

The Diplomatic Club Magazine is Israel's growing media magazine, and as events in the Middle East continue to grab world attention the Magazine provides far more English-language events and supplements coverage in terms of speed, accuracy, depth, quality and quantity than any other Israel-based media in 10 000 copies. Our members receive our publication, the Diplomatic Club Magazine, every month.

However, the magazine is not reserved to our members. It is also distributed to the passengers of El Al business class who may enjoy reading our articles while comfortably sitting and sipping the complimentary champagne. We are committed to the success of all our advertisers. In both print and the web we work closely with our advertising clientele to ensure that their campaigns are successful. We aim for a long term relationship in which your needs and requirements are given paramount importance.

For advertisers, this is a wonderful opportunity to reach a pre-defined target market. Attached, you will find a price list for the advertising space in our monthly magazine and on our website.

And, of course, you might want to sponsor one of our events or benefit from our mailing list to make your product known by our select members. Sponsoring and mailing opportunities are discussed individually with our general manager Julia Verdel, who carefully screens the applicants so as to protect our members from undesirable hassling. As an experienced professional, she will help you to elect the best manner in which to advertise your product with our members in a personalized and personable fashion.

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